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Followup Tool: Basics (DC)
Last Updated 4 months ago

Time Stamps for Important Topics (Drag the red circle along the video progress bar)
  • 0:07 – Who uses the Followup Tool?
  • 0:21 – How do I access the Followup Tool?
  • 1:14 – What is the purpose of the options (tabs) across the top of the screen?
  • 2:04 – What is in the columns?
  • 2:54 – How do I use column filters?
  • 3:11 – How do I send a follow-up email to someone in the list?
  • 3:38 – How do I indicate the follow-up was completed ("Completed" status)?
  • 4:03 – What if someone has opted out of receiving emails?
  • 4:41 – Why and how would I apply the "In Progress" status?

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