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Supply Orders: Business Cards
Last Updated 5 months ago

Here are the steps on how to order Conventions of States business cards by accessing the COS VistaPrint account:

  1. Click on the portal link
  2. Click get started to the right of the Business Card template.
  3. Add your information in the required field to the left of the Business Card front side.
  4. Click backside/next to the bottom right hand side of the Business Card to go the backside.
  5. Enter required information ‐ your 7 digit recruiter number ‐ using the text field on the upper left.

    Note: The QR code in the LOWER section is links to the Petition page without reference to a recruiter. IF you want the QR code on your cards to link your Petition page the QR code must be replaced with your custom QR code. Here is how to create a custom QR code:

    • On the back of the card select below the 7 digit recruiter ID field is the option to “Add QR code”. Click on it.
    • In the pop‐up box field titled “Link to a Website” enter the text shown below, replacing “XXXXXXX” with your 7 digit recruiter number:
    • Delete the text in the box titled “Add QR Label” – leave this box blank
    • Press “OK” The QR code will be generated on the screen.
    • Position the QR code over the existing Petition QR code. The new QR Code will be too large for the space and must be reduced in size so that it fully covers the existing QR code, but does not cover the gray dividing line separating top and bottom sections, and does not protrude outside the print safety lines.
    • To reduce the QR code size click on the image – it will become outlined with 4 corner boxes appearing. Place your cursor over any corner box and an arrow will appear. Move the arrow in towards the center and the QR code box will reduce in size.
    • When the QR code is properly sized and in place move to step 6

  6. Click ‘NEXT’ to the bottom right of Business Card to get to the online approval page.
  7. After approving your Business Card, click ‘NEXT’ which will take you to the ‘SIGN IN’ page.

    • If you already have a VistaPrint account, please enter email address then select the radio button which reads ‘ Yes, I Have a password.’ Enter password then proceed to check out.
    • If you are a new customer, enter email address then select the radio button which reads ‘No, I am a new customer.’ Fill out the required fields then proceed to check out.

Alternately, you can also complete a business card order form and email the completed form to

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