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LMS: Locate missing legislator ID number
Last Updated 5 months ago

When adding a legislator that has been confirmed to be missing, you will need to first find that legislators ID Number...Here's how to do that:

Step 1. Go to and click on the state that you are working on.

Step 2. Click on the Chamber for the legislator that needs to be added.

Step 3. Find the missing legislator on the list and open their profile.

Step 4. Look on the browser address bar...It will look something like this:

Step 5. Copy the Openstates ID from the address bar as highlighted above.

Step 6. Enter this ID into the "OS ID" field...

This process will prevent duplicates from occurring in the system.

COS Position

1. Opposes - States that they oppose the COS Resolution

2. Supports - Confirmed by vote or public statement that they support The COS Resolution

3. Untouched - This means no State team leader or grassroots volunteer has contact this legislator. They are literally "Untouched"

4. Uncommitted - The State Team or Volunteer has confirmed that they are not opposed, but not yet supportive of the COS Resolution...This is the most important position to confirm, so this position needs a detailed note to explain why they are uncommitted so that we can address their concerns and educate them.

5. Sponsor Interest - The legislator has not only indicated that they support COS, but has indicated an interest in being a sponsor or co-sponsor of the COS Resolution.

6. Sponsor - The Legislator is the Sponsor of the COS Resolution.

7. Co-Sponsor - The legislator is a co-sponsor for the COS Resolution.

Note: Why did we remove "Unknown" and add "Uncommitted" and "Untouched"? We found that Unknown" was not clear or decisive enough. Most "Unknowns" were really "Untouched" and some Unknowns were situations where the legislator was contacted, but for some reason, the volunteer could not determine their position. Now if we see "Untouched", we know that the legislator has not received any COS contact, which is not good. We needed to remove any ambiguity when recording contacts with legislators.

Position Key:

1 = Opposed
2 = Supports
3 = Untouched
4 = Uncommitted
5 = Sponsor Interest
6 = Sponsor
7 = Co-Sponsor

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