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LMS: Add missing legislators ‚Äčand merge duplicates
Last Updated 5 months ago

We have updated the LMS with a new Legislator Update Features.

1. "Missing Legislators" Section

This section has a list of legislators that we found in OpenStates (OS) but are missing in LMS. Leaders can use "Add Legislator" button to add them to the LMS from this list of missing legislators - that will open a Add Legislator page with all profile fields pre-populated from OS data, leader may correct/add data and save. State Leaders can create/add new LMS legislator from the proposed list. This will be the only way legislators can be added to the LMS (no adding by hand).


2. "Duplicates" section

This section lists all legislators duplicates. We discover duplicates by comparing the following fields: last name, state, chamber, district. There's a small possibility a couple or brother/sisters may appear in same district but that is a rare case (we eliminated First Name as it has too many variations).


When merging we display two profiles, one that stays and other that will be removed (that is clearly distinguished). You can use SWAP if you need those the other way round.


3. New Permission (for admins only)

A new permission was created to grant access to Merging functionality, only admins have this option for now.


4. Weekly Sync

Every Monday we will take each legislator and compare its key profile fields with OS profile. We will force update First/Last/Middle Name, gender in LMS with what it is set in OS. These are the only fields we overwrite. The rest we just add to the LMS profile data if its empty. We also add offices. If legislator becomes inactive in OS we move them to historical in LMS.

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