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Email: POP or IMAP Setup
Last Updated 4 months ago

All new State leaders and District Captains receive a personal cosaction email address. State Leaders receive a "full email account", District Captains normally receive a "Forwarding" email account that forwards to their personal email account (There are some exceptions to this and in some cases DCs do receive a full email account).

Here's the information you need to set up your new email account:

You can access your new emails from your own email client using the settings below, or you can login to your email account by going to the email web portal here:

Enter your email address and password.

To be able to access your emails on your current email client, use these settings:

Email server address must be either :

For using POP Server (When your emails are downloaded to your email client):
Email Server:
port settings SSL/TLS = 995


IMAP Server (When you emails are accessed on the server, but are not downloaded to your email client):
Email Server:
port settings SSL/TLS = 993

AND for sending

SMTP Server:
Email Server:
SMTP (outgoing) secure port settings SSL/TLS = 465

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